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Here you will find all the information you need to start teaching ESL online so you can find the freedom to Teach without Borders.

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A bit about me

I have worked in education my whole life. Whether as a newbie teacher many moons ago, or as a business owner providing ESL tuition for professionals, it is my passion! I have lived and worked in the UK, France and Belgium and am now loving the freedom of working online, from home.

I work with Teachers who want to start teaching online and need to acquire the very specific skills needed for this. If you want to work for Whales English or Magic Ears, my YouTube channel provides lots of  information for online teachers. I offer coaching, support and help new Teachers from A - Z

Keen traveller and mum of 2 grown kids who live in other countries, I love being free to work wherever I am.

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Need help with  your plans? I'm here to help you.

I help teachers
build their online teaching business successfully.

Need a TEFL? I recommend these two, widely recognised certifications. 
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If you're an experienced teacher and just need a cheap basic TEFL to tick the box, the International Open Academy. is recognised by most online schools.  

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If you're a less experienced teacher, or have no ESL experience, i-to-i TEFL offer excellent courses from a basic Level 3  to more indepth Level 5. I personally did the 260 hour Level 5 course. It was excellent! 


I offer coaching for teachers wanting to set up as independent ESL teaachers or who want to make the transition from B&M to online classrooms. I can help you gain the knowledge you need to feel confident and ready to rock! 


You want to apply to Whales English? Give yourself the best possible chance by using me as  your referrer. I am one of Whales English's top referrers and would love to help you join the team! 

You'll get the link to my complete Guide to Whales English and many other helpful videos and templates as a referral.


If you're not sure whether  your CV/Resume is up to scratch, I provide a review service to help you get that online teaching position you want!


Sam, referral

Good morning!


I just finished the mock class and an email popped up immediately after saying I passed!


Wooooooooo! Thank you so soooooooooooo much for all your help! He gave me great feedback and it was all the tips you had given me 😊

Rebekah, referral

Tess, I can't thank you enough.  Without your help with my CV and coaching, I would NOT have been able to pass! 


Because of your great instruction and positive coaching, I was able to figure out how to achieve my goal!  I watched ALL your YouTube videos for weeks while I was waiting for my final TEFL project to be graded. I knew Whales was my first choice!


Before I found your YouTube videos, I was a bit discouraged that ALL the other companies seemed filled with 22 year-old teachers who bounced around and gave enthusiastic rewards.  I am so excited to be joining a professional company that offers so much!


Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Kimberly, referral

I just wanted to send you a quick thank you! 


I’m in my second week and my wonderful TC is filling my schedule with trials, I picked up a substitute class tomorrow and have a pair of students starting ORT GKB with me in two weeks. 


I spent hours and hours and hours desperately “marketing” myself on my old platform, creating free content and adding value to their service. For four months. 


My first week of earnings at Whales is pretty much the equivalent of my first month with them. 


So thank you for helping me get my foot in the door and guiding me through. I’m so happy to have found you and the Whales Family 💕🐳