Magic Ears is a fantastic company that complements Whales English perfectly! 

I love the lessons, the fast paced, multi-student classes that are full of songs, games and fun! 

If you're looking for a very flexible, well paying company, then Magic Ears is for you. 

They offer lots of CPD, are super helpful, I've got a wonderful coach who gives me feedback on my teaching and helps me 'rank up', which enables you to get more bookings. 

I can't recommend Magic Ears highly enough! 

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Magic Ears Requirements

You need to be a native speaker with a neutral accent from one of the following countries: 

North America, United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, Australia or New Zealand

  • offers group classes for 4-12 year olds (up to four students)

  • requires a Bachelor’s degree, or active enrolment in a Bachelor’s program

  • requires a 120-hour ESL certification - see homepage for links

  • requires 1 year's teaching experience

  • pays up to $26 USD/hour

  • No required minimum number of hours per week

  • requires a high-energy teaching style


These videos should help you decide whether Magic Ears is the right company for you! 

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  • Magic Ears provides teachers with four free cancellations per month (10-30 minutes prior to class), plus additional cancellations using “peak carrots” that are earned by opening slots.

  • Teachers can also remove two “no-show penalties” without evidence (i.e. doctor’s note) per contract.


Up to $26 USD/hour.

  • The base pay at Magic Ears is $8 to $10 USD per 30 minutes (25 minute class + 5 minutes to record student feedback). Your base pay is determined by your teaching credentials and experience.

  • You can also earn up to an additional $1 USD per class for showing up three minutes before your class and teaching all your lessons according to schedule. 

  • Finally, you can earn up to an additional $1 USD for each class you teach IF you open more than 60 classes in one month during their peak hours.

Magic Ears classes

  • Classes are 25 minutes (plus 5 extra minutes to record student feedback)

  • Curriculum is provided. (but teachers must have two relevant props for each class)

  • No lesson planning, no talking to parents, no correcting homework

  • Magic Ears arranges all of the bookings so that teachers are fairly booked based on their ranking in the company

  • Parents DON'T choose teachers, but can leave feedback on each class