I absolutely love working for Whales English. They have provided me a way to work from anywhere and enabled me to work consistently for the past 19 months. 

Whales English is the perfect company for those looking for stability and who like to know what they're doing every week! I have a schedule planned over 30 weeks. This means I know pretty much what I'll earn every  month. For me, with bills to pay and kids to look after, this has been a  blessing! 

Their regular class structure means that you teach the same kids every week and over a 30 week period. You can really connect with your students, and they very often renew, so potentially you can teach students for years! 

I'm now on my third block with many of my students, and to see their progress is so rewarding! 

You can take holidays, so don't panic. You're allowed 2 x 3 to 14 days every 6 month period and 1 -2 days every 6 months period. You can also have several emergency leaves during your contract. 

The curriculum is very good. We use National Geographic's Reach and Oxford Reading Tree's Chip, Kipper and Biff books! These are a huge hit with students. Whales has also developed their English Starter Course for young beginners. It's great fun to teach and super rewarding. 

Get in touch and I'd be happy to coach you through the application process. I offer 121 coaching for all my referrals. 

I've worked successfully with hundreds of applicants. 

Make sure you meet their requirements!


Check out this chat with Joelle and Sam who share their experience as new teachers at Whales English. 

A peak at our teaching platform - WE class

Me teaching CC & George.jpg

What Whales English looks for in its Teachers. 

Whales is picky and looks for talented, inspiring, dedicated Teachers. As there are two students (usually) in class, Whales values peer to peer interaction which should make it easier to keep teacher talk time low. We use TPR in class, especially at lower levels, which is essential to facilitate comprehension. Energy should be high when teaching the younger/lower levels, however this can be adapted to the students you teach. We aren't expected to have the same energy as other companies. 

Our classes are randomly evaluated and receive constructive feedback and tips on how to improve our teaching. This is a fantastic resource and the evaluators are also Teachers, so know the pressures we face. 

Weekly CPD webinars on different aspects of teaching are provided and are a great way of ensuring we meet Whales' teaching requirements.